Sunday, August 22, 2010

We've been busy, part deaux

Good morning-Next STOP???   YELLOWSTONE
Tyler actually shouted something kinda inappropriate right here, but I will spare you the details. It was funny.

Don't anyone fret-we were in bumper to bumper traffic right here-plus, I was hanging out my sunroof.

They hated the smell-I am surprised they even smiled for me.

I think someones finger got in the way....

Are we a sight or what......WHAT!  Gotta love Lolo's expression.

Lolo was feeling a little left out in the picture department.

I know it's hard to see but that is a bear cub up in the top left quadrant of the picture.  I was surprised that mama wasn't close by...

Cousin B with Cousin K, Sporty, Diva, Cousin E, Lolo

Doesn't everyone have this picture with the Falls in the background????

My mom and dad-oops, sorry about the strange sun rays on Ted's face.  They have been married for 38 years!!!!

Which one is not like the other......

Me and my daddy-yes, I said daddy.  I have ALWAYS called him that.

It's moment's like this that I am grateful for being a mommy.

Big's hard to see, but there about 8 FAT and camouflaged fish just in this picture alone.

Diva and Sporty at Big Springs
Waiting for Old Faithful


I had to throw this one in...Tad having one on one time with Cousin E

There were 3 bucks grazing by the stop sign...and for whatever reason I only posted 2 pics...

Ok, this is REALLY BAD, but it was getting dark.  There is a mama bear with 3 cubs.  You can see a black speck (yes, speck) in the lower left quadrant.  They were so cute to watch.  The cubs were jumping on each other and rolling around while Mama watched them.

Sandi and Diva rafting down the river that was right out the back door of our cabin.

Bonnie, Cousin B and Sporty

Just for looks..

Lolo's turn

We had a great time up in Island Park and in Yellowstone. We saw LOTS of bison and elk.  We even had a bear come by the cabin we stayed in.  I will admit THAT freaked me out a bit.  It's one thing to see them up on a hill from the safety of your car vs seeing them walk right by the cabin-I didn't want to go outside!  Next on our busy schedule... THE ZOO, SHOPPING, LAGOON, and THE DAM!

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