Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Lolo woke up this morning with the heave's and the ho's...such a fantastic way to wake up.  I usually like to wake up to a new and glorious morning with a positive outlook on life.  Not today.  To make things worse, I am not feeling too hot and I need to get my rear end out on some cross training adventures.  My half marathon is in 2 weeks!  AAAAUUUURRRRGGGHH! 
Back to Lolo, poor kid is just lying around and mopey (sp?).  She's hungry, but not hungry; she's tired but not tired.  Poor Diva is BORED.TO.DEATH.  My mom is coming to get her and take her out on a Grandma date, but Diva is too impatient.  I wonder where she gets that from, hmmmmm.....
Trevor took Sporty backpacking in the mountains with my brother and his kid for a night, so I had originally planned to have a girls night, but it's amazing how life changes in a blink of an eye.  Luckily my blink just brought a stomach bug and nothing more serious.  I am truly blessed.
As I finished writing this, I looked down to see my precious Lolo sleeping on the ground.  Poor kid.  Love you!

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