Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 7

DAY 7  I am thankful for extended family.  My Uncle Gary and Aunt Ann are in town from the Northwest and it is always such a privilege to spend time with them.  My kids actually call Gary Grandpa Gary and they LOVE being around him and Ann.  Gary is my dad's older brother (by 17 years) and he was a career military man.  He served in the Army and he and his family were stationed all over the world.  Both are very wise and both have plenty of entertaining stories from their past and about their family.  They are both a blessing to have around my children.  About 4 years ago we went up to stay with their family and Sporty followed Grandpa Gary around all day every day.  He would help Gary fix this or that, he would putter around the garage with him and, of course, Sporty would just talk and talk and talk the entire time.  When Gary and Ann come to town there is always some sporting event that one of my kids is participating in and Gary and Ann come to watch.  They also make a HUGE deal about it so my children are made to feel like they are the most important people in the world.  They are both very supportive, genuine, kind and loving.  So, thanks Gary and Ann for being apart of our lives, even though you live so far away.  We LOVE you!!!

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