Thursday, November 11, 2010


DAY 8   I am grateful for my musical abilities.  As a small child my parent's could all ready tell I had a knack for that piano thingy...I played the piano by ear and could do it from a very early age.  So at age 5 I was taking lessons and passing everyone up, including the teacher.  So I moved on to a teacher who also became a second mom to me-her daughter is one of my all-time BFF's in the world.  My lessons were every Wednesday morning at 6am-yup, 6am.  That was the only time I could go that didn't interfere with sports and everything else I was involved in.
I am just truly grateful that I can play the piano and organ (yes, with pedals) and that I can serve in my ward in those capacities.  I have also been able to teach lessons for the last 5 years and bring in some extra money.  I am grateful that I can fill in last-minute for musical numbers when another talented member of my ward cannot fulfill those duties due to an on-going illness.  I am grateful that my children can listen and even learn from me (of course they take!). 
Being able to play the piano has been an outlet for me.  My mom could always tell what kind of mood I was in by what song I was playing and how I was playing it.  I even wrote two songs in elementary school for the Reflections program that won awards-kind of exciting!  It's like my stress reliever to sit down and pound out Jean Sibilius' Romance and other songs.  Anyway, didn't mean for this sound like "ooh, look at me and my piano!", but it's a talent that I am thankful that I have!

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Love reading about your gratitude. I always wanted to learn to play the piano and sing. Can do neither! In Cari's Sr. year she had a basketball coach that broke her spirit (long story). We told her we supported her in quitting the team, she did and took piano lessons. She did very well then when she went to 'Ricks' she took up the violin and was even in the orchestra. Lori played the guitar and took singing lessons while at Rick's.
Good Job Lisa!