Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankful for Veterans

DAY 11 I should have posted this on November 11, but I am sue me.  I am thankful for those in the armed services.  My grandfather was in the military (although I never knew until I read his obituary-I thought he was JUST a doctor), my uncle (previously mentioned) was in the military, Trevor's grandpa was in the military and was shot in the leg (a cool story behind that to come later), my mom's cousin was in the military and was shot and killed after being out a few weeks, and my list could go on and on of everyone I know.  So, THANK YOU for what you do to keep us free-to keep me free-to help others to gain that freedom.

One person I do want to call out is named Shawn.  He is not only  my friend, but he married one of my bestest friend ever, Melinda.  He is deployed in Iraq right now and this is not his first deployment.  He is gone all the time on missions and stuff (I don't know military lingo) while Melinda holds down the fort at home with three little ones.  I think of his personal sacrifice by leaving his loved ones behind and for putting his own life on the line and am grateful to him and others like him.  He is made of some tough material to do what he does and to keep pluggin' along.  I am fortunate to read emails that he sends out from trainings and actual deployments and I would have to say that the crap he goes through would probably almost be up there with child birth-I said ALMOST.  I can't believe the things he has to physically put his body and mind through to prepare himself for combat.  WOW.  I have know Shawn since we were 14 and he is one good dude doing what he can to make our world a better place-so THANK YOU SHAWN!  And thank you Melinda for trusting in the Lord every time Shawn leaves your side.  I get a glimmer of what you go through when we talk about it, but I still sit in awe at your faith in God's Plan for your family.  You are an amazing person, wife, and mother and your family is always in my prayers.  You are a great example to so many people.  So thank you Melinda. We love you both!

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