Friday, November 19, 2010


DAY 14  Today I am grateful for my little look-a-like...Lolo.  She is one tough, beautiful, funny, charming, stubborn, sweet, kind, mischievous, active, polite, soft spoken, goofy little twerp.  Trevor always looks at her and comments about how there is nothing resembling him at all in her-that's okay, Honey, the other 3 were all mini-yous, so this one is ALL mine.  I love this little girl.  She has been through a lot lately and she is one tough cookie.  She has severe eczema and has been through medicine after medicine, cream after cream and doctor visit after doctor visit.  We took her to an allergist about 2 months ago and she had that darn awful back scratch test done-poor kids was miserable, but she made it through-all tests were negative.  Then she had 8 shots in her fore-arm for some more testing.  Oh she cried, but she held very still-again, negative.  Then the Doc sent us to the hospital to have her blood drawn.  Again she cried (soft sobs, not screaming-that would be Diva) while the vampires took her blood-again, negative.  THEN she had the patch testing done, which is horrible for a 3 year old.  First of all her back is tiny, so the patches went down on her bum; then anytime she moved the tape would pull the hair on her skin, so she was so uncomfortable and in pain; plus, during this week, she could not take a bath (sponge baths are very tricky for 3 year old); THEN the tests came back negative.  Conclusion-she has chronic eczema.  Enter Sarcasm:  ya think?  At least we know she is not allergic to anything on this planet-but her poor body!  Lolo was such a trooper.  If this had been any of the older kids they would have had a melt down.  Diva freaks out when she has to get the FLU mist-the mist, not the shot!  Oh goodness.  Anyway, Lolo takes things in stride.  She loves to be funny and she says very funny things all the time.  I just happen to have a TERRIBLE short term memory and forget what she said or did before I can type it on my blog.  This little girl is destined for big things and she'll do great things!  We love you Lolo!!!!
These pictures are typical Lolo-she wanted to wear my ugly comfy blue zip up  robe....Diva would NEVER wear something like this for a picture.  She would want to look her absolute best.

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