Sunday, February 20, 2011

Conversation between sisters....

Lolo:  Look Mom, I am doing my chorgings (chore-jings)
Mom:  Good job.
Diva:  Lolo, it's NOT chorgings, it's CHORGES (chorge-jez)
Diva:  We are doing a good job on our chorges, huh Mom.
Mom:  (stifling the giggle) Yep, you are doing awesome!

I wish I would have had a audio recording of this, because it was so cute with their little voices!


Ty Lyman said...

what are chorges??? I'm guessing this is a fun way of saying chores? Making it sound fun???

Lisa said...

Yes-she is meant to say "chores" but she can't pronounce it correctly. She is one funny kid.