Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy birthday Diva!

February 3rd was Diva's 6th birthday.  And just like Lolo, she shares a birthday with a very important member of our family.  My Uncle Gary (we refer to him as Grandpa Gary) and Diva get to share this special day.  We love him very much as well as his sweet wife, Aunt Ann.  

Diva's arrival was a long, emotional wait.  Here is a brief background-I had Sporty by emergency c-section.  When I became preggers with Diva, I was told I could deliver her by vbac (not a c-section).  However, at my big ultra sound it was discovered that I had issues with the placenta which would not cause any problems until the birth.  The decision was made to have another c-section because I would bleed out and a possible full hysterectomy would have to be performed.  WHAT?!?  So, was I nervous?  Uh, just a tad-bit.  Well, the big day arrived, and not only did I NOT have to have extra surgery, I never even bled (which my OB had anticipated).  Miracle?  I think so.  Power of Priesthood blessings??  YOU BET.

So I had this BEAUTIFUL little girl who weighed in at 8 lbs, 14 oz.  OY!  She was a sleeper from the start:  4-5 hours at a time, then at 7 weeks she slept for 12 hours at a time.  It was awesome!  She was healthy, I was healthy, and flash forward 6 years and here are pictures from her family party.
*WARNING* Picture overload, again.

My sister-in-law is narrating this little documentary.

Of course, she had to have the Barbie cake. 
Love this girl!

Can you see the snotty nose?  This is what we have been battling for a couple weeks now.

Cousin A 
Cousin K, Lolo, Cousin A, and Diva

Ty, Tanya, Cousin C

Aunt Heidi, Cousin H, Grandpa Roger, Cousin A

Grandpa Ted and a very enthusiastic Trevor

Aunt Lyndi and Cousin A

Grandpa Roger's posterity

I was trying to get these two to hug, but I kept missing the actual hug.

Missed it again.

Finally got it!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!


Ty Lyman said...

I don't know your babies, but I do know you. I remember when your baby sister was born. It's so weird to think we're all grown up and having babies that are 6 years old. Did you make the Barbie cake? I'm guessing you did. Moms do amazing things, GOOD JOB!!! I love that ya'll have so much family around. We do the same thing when we're home. Unfortunately it's not an option this far away. Thanks for posting such a great party. Fun times.

Lisa said...

I wish I could take credit for the cake. I do not have one ounce of artistic talent in my body. My friend make them-she is very talented!

julie said...

Lis, I love the picture of Ted and Trevor. Trev looks like he can't get close enough to that arm rest and away from your pa. :) I miss you guys!
Happy birthday princess H!