Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cue Pomp and Circumstance

I have a graduate on my hands.  Yes, that's right, Belle has graduated from puppy school.  HOORAY!  After 8 weeks of intense training, she is now ready to be a Guide Dog, a Rescue Dog, a Guard Dog, a chef, a babysitter, a hunter, a chauffeur, and a trainer.  I KNOW!  Amazing!  And all for just a wee little fee.  We couldn't be more proud of her.  Last night was her graduation and the pups all got to play games, have relay races and win dog biscuits.  It was a lot of fun and not just for the puppies.  You should have seen all the video cameras that were there.  I will admit I did bring my camera (and you will see all the fantastic shots that Sporty took of her in just a moment-I know the suspense is KILLING you.) and I did record one spot-I couldn't resist capturing the moment where Belle walks up to the teacher, gets her diploma and comes back to me-sniff sniff, tear tear.   I cannot believe she is ALL grown up-7 months old.  Boy, it seems like yesterday we brought her home and I was sleeping on the couch with her all curled up on my chest.  Now, she would cave my chest in!  Love this dog!
Again-this is Sporty's work.  Here we are all lining up to get ready for the relay races.  That's Charly the Boxer next to us-they were buddies. 
Let's go Belle

Can you see Ollie, the Maltese?  He just got neutered so he had to wear that awful cone-poor puppy, he also had on a sweater...

This is Yaeggar (sp?)  I fell in love with this German Shepherd.  He is beautiful and he and Belle were best buds.  They loved to sit by each other. 

Belle and Cassie were the finalists for the "Stay" competition.  We actually had to leave the building while the teacher threw tennis balls past them, called them, whistled to them-we watched through a window.  Eventually Belle sat up and she lost.  We did get a big dog biscuit, though.

Her diploma! 

I highly recommend this puppy school!  They are great to work with and they are great to help you over the phone and answer any questions you have.  Not to mention that they know what they are talking about!


The Drapers said...

Way to go Belle, now if only they could invent a program like this for kids!

Ty Lyman said...

Congrats Belle. I need to send EB to training school. She's better than she was, but she's still naughty. Love the photos and the video.

Domestic Goddess and her Hero said...

Holy Cow!!! She's gotten big! It's cool she did so well with the training. She is such a pretty dog. Congratulations on being trained with her. ;)