Monday, March 28, 2011

Blog Stalking

Do you blog stalk?  I do.  The only thing is, I can never remember how I got there.  But today I came across one (which I am going to add to my blog list) that really struck a chord with me.  I don't know these people, nor do I know how I got to it, but I think I was led to it for one reason:  to recognize that I am blessed, that we are all blessed, no matter what may be thrown at us.  Life may not be perfect, nor will it ever be, but I am blessed with good health, an income, etc, etc, etc.  This doesn't apply just to me, but to my family as well.

I have seen heart ache, I have experience a death of a loved one, but they were from "a distance".  Meaning:  I lost my grandparents, but I always lived far away, so I never saw the suffering.  I have relatives who have gone through divorce, but again, I live far away, so I haven't seen the suffering, just the end result.  I know thing will come in the future-will they be tragedies or things that are expected as we age...I don't know.  But what I do know is this:  I have a Heavenly Father who loves me; a Savior who atoned for me, then died for me.  No matter what comes our way, He knows, He comforts, He is there.

These bloggers may never know what strength they provide me, but they give me strength.  If they can go through their tragedies, and yes they are tragedies, then I can get through what I am having to deal with.

So, here is to blog stalking (imagine I am holding up a glass to make a toast).

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