Tuesday, March 15, 2011

He is growing up

Sporty celebrated his 9th birthday on March 14.  His 9th!  It seems like yesterday my water broke and I was in such horrible uneasiness, queasiness, feverness, not dilatingness for 16 hours while Trevor enjoyed him some March Madness basketball.  I ended up having an emergency c-section at 9:30pm-no worries though, Trevor was able to get in the last game of the day.  Honestly, I could not have picked a better day to go into labor-I mean, what else would Trevor have done that day?  So, good memories.

Flash forward 8 years and 360 days....I experienced a rite of passage that all mother and sons should experience-purchasing the almighty athletic supporter and cup.  Actually, it was really funny-not in an embarrassed sort of way, but, a fun "Sporty is hilarious!" sort of way.  It was like being in Disneyland; he could not wait to get that cup and, better yet, try it on and run down the stairs to show me and Grandpa Ted.  Now, before you think "ooh gross, perverted" let me assure you, he was wearing the boxer-briefs that come with the almighty cup.  Except these shorts literally looked like shorts on him.  Sporty's legs are blasted twiggy-bird legs-so the "underwear" was quite baggy and, well, shorts-like.  Let's just say he is more and more like his idol, Jorge Posada, in every way-from the position he plays to adjusting himself every time he moves.  Now he just needs to turn his head and spit some spat out on the field and we will be set!  My little baseball protege'.
Enjoy his birthday pics:
Sporty loves his horse themes!
Such a goofball with cute freckles-Grandpa Ted
Grandma Sandi and Gpa Ted and the Little Squirt
His new baseball bag with wheels
Gpa Roger and Gma Net
My TWO goofballs.
Mother and Son-I LOVE LOVE LOVE this kids.  He is a good kid, a nice kid, and he tries hard in all he does.  We are so very proud of him and his choices.  We couldn't ask for a better 9 year old!  We are truly blessed to have him in our lives!

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julie said...

holy crap! 9? What the ???

You don't look a day older btw!

Much love to you and the fam!!