Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Running, running, running

I am officially training for my runs that I have coming up.  I have a good friend that lives near to me that started running, and boy, I think she may have regretted starting up with me!  JK  Saturday, I asked her if she was good to run 5 (we both have consistently been running 3) and she was hesitant, but I assured her that if we needed to walk some that would be okay.  So off we went.  Long story short....we ended up doing 5.9, but I didn't tell her until Sunday.  Sometimes it's better to NOT know what the plan is and then when you exceed that plan you feel like you can accomplish ANYTHING!   So today we ran 3-we both had to be back so our husbands could leave, but it still felt great!! 

I forgot how good it feels to get outside and run.  It's a great time to clear your mind, think about things, or just talk with your running buddy.  Yup, I like to run (only in decent weather).  This Saturday I think I shall attempt 7-ok, I have to hit 7 to stay on target for my half marathon coming up in May.  Do I tell my friend that's how many miles we will be going???

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