Saturday, April 2, 2011

More running

I have this amazing friend who wanted to start running-just casual runs, like 5ks and the such. This is the same friend that I tricked into running under 6 miles last week...  Well, guess what, today she ran 7.45 miles with me.  She did awesome, I did awesome, WE DID AWESOME!  The entire time we chatted away and laughed and just enjoyed the morning air and sunrise-beautiful.  But I learned something today-We all need "Running Buddies".  What I mean is, we need that friend that we can connect with (other than our spouse) and totally relate to in every way.  I have been blessed in my life to have many of these "running buddies".  It is so refreshing to know that she goes through the same emotions and feelings that I do when it comes to children, household duties, the Gospel, etc.  It's also good for me to hear her (again, any of my "running buddies") talk about trials in her life that I have not experience, but that I can be a sounding board and just offer my support.  Do you know how great "support" is?  It's amazing!   Wow, I don't feel alone when someone has my back-even if they don't understand, they just have my back.  And I feel like I am worth something when I can repay the favor and pass it on. 

We have this little thing called Relief Society-and there are soooooo many "running buddies" in there.  It is such an amazing organization and one doesn't even have to sew to be apart of it.  ,,,said with sarcasm,,,  We can meet together at least weekly and inspire and uplift one another and just be a support to each other.  The lessons we receive are wonderful, thoughtful, full of emotion sometimes, funny, informative, etc.  I thoroughly believe that Joseph Smith Jr was inspired by our Father in Heaven to start up this organization over 150+ years ago.  It's patterned after the Priesthood and it's truly a blessing in my life and many others.  I walk away each Sunday with a renewed sense of hope, tranquility, peace and love.  AND then I go home and listen to kids fight....arrrrgh.  I love my kids!  I truly do-they are such a blessing!  And for all my "running buddies" out there, you TOTALLY know what I am talking about! 
Peace out and enjoy Conference Weekend, Y'all.

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