Sunday, April 17, 2011

Now is as good as time as any...

So this blasted sickness has claimed another child...that makes 4 of the 6 to catch this crap.  Knock on wood, but Z-man and myself have so far managed to thwart this CRAP.  So no church today for Diva nor Lolo (although she is much better and probably over it completely, but just in case...) and Trevor and I will take turns attending.  He gets the classes and I get Sacrament Meeting...Why do I get Sacrament Meeting, well, I am theeeee, dum dum dum, the ward organist.  Yes, my brothers and sisters, I am she who tickles the electric ivories every week and sometimes I kick the the lower pedals-it really depends on the song. 

ANYHOO, I figured I would blog about my adventure with Sporty on his field trip.  We were able to go to an environment center up in the mountains.  While there we snow-shoed, cross country skied, ate lunch, watched a presentation about electricity and the kids rock climbed.  We had a lot of fun.  Can I throw in that if you want a SUPERB bum work out, you should try Cross Country Skiing.  My rear end has never hurt the way it hurt and I have never felt it in the place I felt it before.  I.LIKED.IT!  So enjoy these pictures-excuse the fact that I am in jeans-I didn't know we would be doing the activities until we got up there.
Sporty getting ready to snow shoe. 
and again...
This is my official "Skiing" pose. 
Sport did the loop three times, I did it two times, and we dusted everyone else

Sporty was quite the natural.  He really wants to learn to ski-we are just going to have to make it a priority and teach him.  We had a great bonding time!  Love ya kiddo!

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Hope the 'Crap' passes soon!
Love the pic's and reading about the good time you and Sporty had together!
Treasure the moments and you do!
Aunt 'R'