Monday, April 11, 2011


Okay, Heidi, you can stop cursing me now and steal these pictures to go on your blog....sheesh, woman, patience!  JUST TOTALLY TEASING!  In all fairness, I have meant to post this for a week now and I could hear Heidi's voice in my head saying, "I'll just get those pictures off your blog" which she said during our conversation while I was taking these pictures. Take them away, take them away.

Trevor's mom, whom we refer to as Grandma Net, recently retired after 30 years of service.  Quite the accomplishment if you ask me-the only thing thing I have ever entered into for the long haul was 1) my marriage, and 2) having kids. 

So we, her kids and kid-in-laws, put together a nice afternoon/evening full of surprises.  Now, let me sidetrack for a moment-nothing, NOTHING, ever gets by this woman.  She KNOWS if you have been in her house; she is the one who makes and plans everything so she knows the itinerary by heart; she knows when each and every ball game, dance recital, piano recital, etc, is;  trust me, she knows.  So to pull this little surprise off would take great care, great planning, great sacrifice, AND a great lie.  We totally pulled it off!

Roger (pop-in-law) was able to get tickets to the Priesthood Session of General Conference for all the men and my cute little nephew that recently turned 12.  So this is where the fib comes in:  Brooke (a sis-in-law) asked Grandma Net to come to SLC to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to pick up her kids and take them around Temple Square while she and Nick had a lunch meeting at the restaurant The Garden.  Hook, Line, and Sinker.  Of course Grandma Net said she would.  So we all arrived early and waited in the restaurant for her to show up.  You should have seen the look on her face-PRICELESS.  I should have had my camera ready....just thought about that.  She was soooooo surprised, so happy, so grateful, even overwhelmed by what her family had just done for her.  It was a good feeling to see her face so full joy.  Grandma Net loves, loves, LOVES pictures of her family-so that's what we got her.  We are having a family portrait done.  WHEN?  That is going to be the tricky part, but hopefully as soon as it happens I can post it.  In the meantime, enjoy these pictures taken by an amateur.
C, Bradi, Sporty, W

Ben, Geoff, H, D

Nick (I feel it an honor he isn't gesturing me) Roger, Heidi, E, Brooke, K, and A

Lolo, Gma Net, A, Trevor, Sporty, Diva

Love the view from this angle-too bad I cut out the Temple!

Wow, that is really dark.  On my camera it wasn't that dark.....hhmmm  And look closely to the nugget on the back right-be glad it's just a pencil/straw looking like it's going up his nose.

Sporty and Trevor-love this picture!

Diva and E dancing around.
It was a really  nice afternoon and evening that we got to spend in honor of the matriarch of the family.  Congrats to 30 years!  That is really quite the accomplishment~



What a great remembrance for Grandma Net! And Congrats for 30 years of service and I know she will love retirement and wonder when she had the time to work! Thanks Lisa for sharing this.
Aunt 'R'

Heidi said...

you are funny! maybe I will just refer people to your blog after I title my post because you did so good explaining it! I will be on it though, just wait till I get home from work!

Domestic Goddess and her Hero said...

It looks as though you all had a wonderful time! I'm glad everything worked out. Did you get her any other "gift"? Anyway, we so need to get together once your clan is feeling better. See you!