Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baseball, baseball, and more baseball

I have married into a BASEBALL family.  My husband coaches the Varsity team at my Alma mater, his brother coaches with him; their dad coached and is coaching again, etc, etc, etc.  I think Nick is the only black (said in a very dramatic fashion)
Well, little Sporty has started his season of baseball and we got to go down South to where the sun shines ALL THE TIME to kick it off.  His little team did very well-they went 3-1, and missed out playing in the Championship series by one, ONE, run.  But here is where I will stop the congratulatory comments and COMPLAIN.    IT.WAS.FLIPPIN.COLD.   Wind, rain, wind, clouds, wind, cold, WIND.  One day was warm-but the wind was still present.  I mean, SERIOUSLY, can we not have Spring baseball and forgo the wind?
I was able to go down with my four kids, my sister, and my mother-in-law.  Despite the weather, we had a very good time.  For the most part, my brood of 4 did well.  There were times I was secretly wondering where the nearest mental institution was located, but I made it through.  It really did help that I HAD help.  So THANK YOU Annette and Lyndi. 
And if you are wondering where Trevor was, he had his own baseball tournament up North.  We sure missed him!  Not just mentally, but physically!
Something, no matter the weather or circumstances, it's just nice to get away from reality.

Sporty idolizes Jorge Posada from the Yankees

Up to bat.. 

Gma Net, Z-man, Me, Diva, Lolo, Sporty

Smile Aunt Lyndi... 

The only nice day...even though it was windy
Good Job Sporty and Good Job Team Weber!

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Oh how well I remember spring? baseball. It's the same here in the desert of Washington. Now our baseball player has deserted baseball and does track. OOh and golf spring weather! Ugh. However, this Saturday Track meet is supposed to be a warm day. That remains to be seen. Love your pics and keeping up with your fAM. Aunt R.