Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another set back

I spoke, er, blogged too soon.  Another one bit the dust...Z-man has caught the CRAP.  My heart aches when the baby gets sick.  He can't communicate to us that his tummy hurts; he just knocks the sippy out of my hands, or turns his nose up and away from the cracker.  Poor little guy.  He just wants to be cradled and snuggled and I am more than happy to oblige.
On the upside of things, Diva is starting to get better.  Let's just say that there is more time in between sessions than there were earlier today.  Poor kid.  Sporty just keeps asking if he can go far away so he doesn't catch it-I have had to remind him that he was first up with this whole thing when he came down with it a week ago.  Man, attention spans and memories are so short with my little twerps.  Gotta love them, though.

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