Saturday, March 12, 2011


Usually I would say that I am one AMAZING wife, because I deal with A LOT!  But I have neglected one VERY important person in my life and an event that occurred:   Trevor celebrated his birthday on March 3, and I didn't even mention it on the blog, yet I went on and on and on about my sister.  Sorry, Hon, I must have been in a bad place that day.  So here is my "Ode to Trevor" for his belated birthday wishes.
1.  Happy Birthday!
2.  You are also my miracle.  I don't like to dwell on the fact that if I hadn't met Trevor, I would probably be living in NYC pursuing my Broadway dreams and living the single life of a NYC Socialite.  Totally kidding-I would be hanging at "The Bay" in SLC pretending I can groove.
3.  Your are a great father (even if you don't think so-who DOES think they are great at parenting)
4.  You are an awesome mentor and coach-not just to your athletes, but our kids watch all the good you do.
5.  You are level-headed under pressure.  How do you do that and not gain a pound?  I feel one ounce of stress and I clean out the pantry-paper and all.  Sheesh!
6.  You honor your Priesthood.
7.  You are patient-you married me, you have to be.
8.  You are an example of a "Good Guy".
9.  You are an example by fulfilling your calling at church.
10.  Even though you are ADDICTED to Sports Center, and ANYTHING SPORTS on TV, you still give up the remote when I actually want to watch something.  So you are a GIVER.
11. I remember the first day I met you-I thought you were pretty cute.  I still think you are SUPER cute, and I like your muscles.  :)
12.  You are a great Coach and I love watching you with your athletes-it's like they get mesmerized by you.  In actuality, it's their respect for you that I am seeing.
13.  I love that our kids are carbon copies of you-well, Lolo-more my side.
14.  I love that when we go on horse rides we talk and laugh and are so relaxed.  I personally like this, because as soon as we get home life takes over again and I am dealing with #5 on the list.
15.  I know that you will always be there for me and the kids.
16.  I love that you are STUCK with me no matter what-AND you are okay with that!

I love you!  I hope you had a happy birthday!

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julie said...

Happy birthday (belated) Trevor!