Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10

Day 10:  I am thankful for family prayer.  Especially the funny ones.  Let's face it-when you have small children, family prayer is not always the most spiritual.  Sometimes it's stressful, sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's all out disastrous.  But the key is to continue and press forward. 
Well, tonight was a funny night.  Z-man said the prayer in his little voice, not very audible, and one cannot fully understand what he is saying.  However, we could hear "temple, church"  and then he blessed the food (remember, we are having bedtime family prayer).  He stops and says, "oh, no food" and then continues on with the rest of the prayer.  I will be honest, I have NO IDEA what else he said because I was silently laughing too hard to pay attention.  Trevor was busting up too, but he was able to hold his composure much better than I could.  That was thee funniest thing I have ever witnessed-he blesses the food and then realizes that there is no food, so he back tracks-kind of a "just kidding" while praying.  So cute, so sweet, and it just made me realize how precious our kids are to our Father in Heaven.  So I am grateful for family prayer and the memories we gain from it (and of course the blessings!)

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