Friday, November 4, 2011

I am all ready behind...

Can you believe that November has crept upon us?  NO-freakin-VEMBER!  OY!  I actually love LOVE Thanksgiving.  I can't put my finger on the exact reason why, but it is a very enjoyable time for me. Maybe it's all the family and all the "gratefulness" I am feeling... Ah who's kiddin-it's the food.  I love to eat. :) 
On that note, here are the 4 things I am grateful for, well, so far...
1.  My health.  Other than my crappy allergies, I am in perfect health.  I see others around me suffering from neurological disorders, autoimmune deficiencies, Parkinson's, etc, and I have to thank my Father in Heaven for not giving me that type of trial in my life-at least not yet.  I have to add that I admire those who are affected by these sicknesses-they handle it with such grace and dignity, at least from my perspective. 
2.  Trevor's job.  It's no secret that teachers are underpaid, but believe me, I will take it any day.  I am so thankful that every month that deposit is there and we can pay our living expenses and buy food.  I am also thankful for our business that makes it possible for me to stay home with our kids and it supplements our income.
3.  The mountains.  I live at the base of the mountains and their is nothing like looking up and seeing the beautiful colors and now the skiff of snow that has dusted the mountain side.  It's very relaxing and breathtaking.  It's also wonderful to ride our horses on the trails and take it all in.
4.  My friends.  I have some the most wonderful friends who are always there to listen, go for a run, help narrow picture choices down, and so much more.  They probably don't even realize what a positive influence they have on my life.  Some of these friends I have known for over 25 years, some I have just gotten to know better while serving in the PTA.  The world has a lot of evil, but the world has a TON of good-all in my friends! 

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Love reading how you are thankful. I love this time of year too and I give credit to my Dad. He loved the holidays and especially Thanksgiving.
I will never forget the first Thanksgiving we had COLOR TV. That meant Football games in color! Mother(not on Thanksgiving day) would hang a sheet between the living room and kitchen and cover the cubby hole windows on the front door so Dad could get the full benefit of seeing the TV. Then he would sit on the floor with his favorite sandwich and watch football, football, football. Of course as the years went by he no longer needed the sheets to enjoy the color tv.
Dad always made holidays fun and Mother made holidays 'taste good.'