Friday, March 5, 2010

All Finished....FINALLY

I have officially read the "Harry Potter" series!  HOORAY for ME!!!!  I was in college when the first book came out and I couldn't read a textbook without falling asleep so I didn't even bother trying to read "Harry".  So last November I opened up book 1 and never looked back.   I have to say that I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it.  Although "Order of the Phoenix" was a yawn to get through, at first, but I couldn't put the book down once all the action began-but I LOVED the movie.  Now what am I going to do with all my free time????  I do write that with a bit of sarcasm...To anyone who has not read the series, Go And Read It!  Now I just need to watch "Half-blood Prince" and I will be good until book 7 comes out in a movie(s).  "Yay Me!"  as London Tipton would say.  When you have kids, you learn to watch some darling shows like "The Suite Life" on deck or Zack and Cody on The Disney Channel. 

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Domestic Goddess and her Hero said...

Heck, I have a couple good books for you. The Fablehaven series is good. The Hunger Games and Catching Fire are the two of a trilogy. The third one, Mockingjay, comes out aug. 24. You can borrow those from me. They are great, fun, fast reads.
Congrats on finally finishing the "Harry" series. Now we can talk about them.