Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Forcing my sister to run...

Background: My younger sister was born with 12 toes; this is not an exaggeration. She literally had 4 big toes. So at about 6 months of age she had surgery to remove the extra toesies and my parents were told that she would need more surgery in the future.

Jump ahead 17 years to January of 2009-Lyndi is a senior in high school and has surgery on both her feet. She has to wear those not-quite protective "shoes" for months and then she is told she needs yet-another surgery. I think she got to wear normal shoes for a few weeks in the summer-I could be wrong, but it was not for a very long time.

ANYWAY, last August (I think) she had her surgery on 1 foot and wore a stinkin' booty til January or February ( I can't remember dates because I haven't lived in the same house with her since 1999). So when the weather started to get nice I started forcing her to come to my house and run with me. The first day we jogged for 5 minutes and walked the rest of the time. The next time I made her go 10 minutes, and then 10 minutes again the next time after that. Today, she was able to go 15 minutes. I asked her if she was ready to knock me out for "making" her do this andthis was her reply: while holding up her thumb and index finger about an inch apart she said, "Just a little bit!" NICE!
Moral of this story, it's fun to have a sister to do things with AND it's freakin' awesome to get out in this great weather to RUN! Plus, I have two races coming up in May and in June (including an 8 mile stint down from a ski resort!...if Carla still wants to trade) that are not going to be easy.

So if you see Lyndi, encourage her to keep going.



Hi Lisa,
I have a pix of all those 'toes'. A cute pix of Lyndi. I was there for her blessing, the pix of Lyndi in the 'blessing dress' is one of the best of all the pixs. Yes, Lyndi, keep on 'truckin' (Always wanted a sister, then your dad came along! Love that guy) Love your new Blog design. I am still trying to learn how to get my Genealogy Blog going. Certainly need help! I have some neat stuff to post about DEAD people. Love your 'posted' pix's. It's fun to be in touch with you by your Blog. Aunt Renée

The Drapers said...

I can't beleive she is a senior! I would love to be your running partner once I get this kid out if you ever/need want one! You would surely motivate me! This is lesley BTW