Friday, March 5, 2010

It's Here, It's Here

Okay, entry #2 today-For a few years Trevor and I have been looking for a bedroom set for Sporty to have and be able to use until he leaves for his mission-but alas, nothing ever spoke to us to buy it......until now.  Sporty went with us to look for a bedroom set and he had his heart set on a bed with a door and a cubby, a secret space to play.  Well, we found it, we bought it and today it was delivered.  Sporty was so excited this morning in anticipation of his new arrival.  I put the new sheets and comforter set on it (sports themed, of course) so that when Sporty gets home from school it will be ready for him.  The girls had a grand day today playing house in the cubby and jumping on it-until I saw what they were doing and they got an earful from me.  They kept asking when their new beds were coming....uhhh, not for a few years, dears.  So here is the kicker-the store we bought it from actually told us that they don't give deals when customers pay in cash (as in us) because they can make more money (even with giving deals) on those customers who charge it.  Does that seem messed up????    Uhhhh, Yesssssssssss!  Crazy, mixed up world.  Oh well, Sporty will still enjoy sleeping on his new mattress and bed.  
This is Sporty's reaction when he saw the bed. Ignore the plain walls-I am painting on Monday and rearranging where everything goes. Alas, I am not strong enought to move that by myself.


julie said...

Cute bed set Lisa! You guys have good taste.

so, you read too? I L O V E her blog!! How did you find her site?

miss your guts!!!

Lisa said...

From your site! After I saw you on the newscast I would go to her blog periodically.Then I saw her on your list and added her to mine. She is hilarious!