Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sensitive little guy

I am sorry, but I have to gush about my son.  He is so sweet and sensitive and just cares about people.  For example, he has witnessed me being prepared for 3 c-sections and the kid will not leave my side.  He lays in bed next to me rubbing my arms and kissing my cheek while the nurses prick and prod me up one side and down the other.  He is worried until he sees me being wheeled out of the OR with that brand new baby, and then he won't leave my side-not even to eat.  Such a sweetie!  So, on to my point-Sporty starts telling me about a third grader at school who doesn't seem to have friends (this is from a 2nd grader's perspective) and so he has been talking to him and asking him where is friends are, etc, etc.  Well, Sporty starts getting teary eyed-he doesn't understand why he has SOOOOO many friends and this other little boy doesn't have any.  Of course, Trev and I comfort him and let him know that this boy does have a friend-Sporty-and how proud we are of him for being so concerned.  Poor kid-he just felt so bad.  In his bedtime prayer he said the sweetest thing about this boy and when he woke up this morning Sporty couldn't wait to get to school so he could talk to this 3rd grader some more.  Such a GREAT kid!  We are truly blessed.  It's times like these that make me feel like we are doing O.K. as parents-just a little bit.


Angela Hutto said...

That is so cute!! What a little sweet-heart.

Domestic Goddess and her Hero said...

Awwww! how cute is that! I know you both are a great example to me, so I think I may know where he is getting if from. So cool!