Sunday, September 26, 2010

Behind the Times..

So I was feeling kind of bad yesterday because I couldn't go to the Relief Society Broadcast due to illnesses.  Well, I was dinking around on the web and found on that it streams the broadcast live.  LIVE!  I was able to watch it live on my puter while playing on the floor with my littl buddy.  That little piece of knowledge!  I am sure it's not a new concept, but it was for me and it made me happy.  Being able to listen and even watch our leaders bear testimony of our Savior and of His Gospel gave me renewed hope and strengthened my testimony of Him.  Hooray for technology!

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Ty Lyman said...

I love LDS.ORG....Makes it much easier to see things like that from afar :) Sorry to hear that you were sick. I hope your feeling a bit better.