Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Additions

So I was hoping that my earlier tease would make people speculate that I was pregnant, but I am  not (although my tummy may beg to differ-Diva: "mom, is there a baby in there?  Your tummy is getting big.)  THANKS DIVA!  ANYHOO, we have added a cute little kitten named Callie and a DARLING puppy named Belle to our all ready crazy family.  We love them both very much, and I will admit that Belle is my baby!  She is so much fun, but a little wild right now.  We are enrolling her in obedience school in about a month, but from what I have heard, it's actually school for the ownere....AKA Me.  So I will blog updates on her progress.  Belle all ready sits on her blanket when she is inside and pretty much will stay there, unless that evil feline comes along and taunts her.  And, yes, she taunts and taunts and taunts.  So here are some pics. Enjoy!
Is she CUTE or what!

Heeeeere's Callie.  This was the only picture I could get of her.  She will not hold still.


julie said...

You know, I love me some cats but dude, that cat looks evil. The puppy however, oh boy, that's one cute puppy. Now, I have to come play with her and the horses and of course the evil cat. Are you ever going to call me or what?! JK. I really would love to see all y'all though!!

Domestic Goddess and her Hero said...

Belle is so cute! I love puppies! Knowing you, Belle will be the best behaved dog in the world. Training a dog is just like training your kid to use the potty...consistency and praise. The kitten is cute (I'm not so much a cat person,) and most kittens are really cute, but I have to agree with Julie on this one.