Friday, September 17, 2010

Couple's retreat

Every couple needs a get-away, and ours was at the Johnson's Mill Bed and Breakfast, courtesy of Trevor's parents.  For Christmas they gave us a gift certificate here to use within the year, so we took advantage of it the first weekend in September.  We had a FANTASTIC time!  The place is so quaint and charming, and the breakfast was DELICIOUS!  Seriously-I like food and all, but this particular breakfast was to.die.for.  For me to blog about it means it really meant something to me. 
Trevor's goofy pun intended.
I was afraid that if I got too close they might chase me and then I would have to submit a video to America's Funniest Videos..
This was about the only picture that didn't cut off half my face.  Trevor is tooooo tall.
The balcony on the left was our room.  It was called the "River bottom" room.
Had to throw in the romantic picture. It'll probably embarrass Trevor.  SORRY!!!  But I am not ashamed to show my 3 followers that I love you!!!

This was on our nature walk.  It really is a pretty place and it's located in a BEAUTIFUL valley.  Thanks Roger and Annette for the gift and THANK YOU to my mom and dad for keeping the kids AND the dog.

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Domestic Goddess and her Hero said...

Oo-oo-oo, I need the address for that place! So glad you guys had a great time. It looks like a fabulous place. (you should have done the video, America needs to laugh ya know!)
Ummm, you have more than 3 followers showing on your blog...just sayin.