Friday, July 1, 2011

Bad mom

Warning!  Talk of poop about to begin...

I think I could be crowned "not a very good mom-of-the-year"  Let me back up.  Diva is/was sick.  Took her to doctor; told to give her a HALF a square of Ex-Lax-ya know, the chocolate laxative...  Anyway, got it home, gave her the dose and put it WAY up high on the top shelf of our highest cabinet.  Flash forward about 10 minutes...Z-man comes walking in the room with chocolate all over his face and holding the Ex-Lax in his hands.  He had eaten 5 squares-5!

Me:  GASP! Oh no!  How in the WORLD did you get that?

So I call poison control immediately and basically am told to give him lots of fluid because he is going to be pooping A LOT!  Not to mention, his poop will be so acidic that I need to coat his bum in Desitin 3 inches thick. 

Great.  Daughter has high, high fever, and now son is going to poop all over.   Flash forward to next morning...everyone slept great (whew).  But let the fun begin.  Poor Z-man.  The acidity is/was definitely the worst part.  His bum had BLISTERS all over it.  No matter how thick I applied the Desitin, the poop just broke right through the barrier.  Oh I felt soooo bad for him.  However, he was such a trooper.  I am beginning to think this kid has a high pain tolerance.  He endured this all day with such a happy attitude; that is until I needed to change him and reapply.

THEN...this is where I am really going to win the award...After playing outside til dark, I pick up Z-man, walk in our house through the front door, shut the door and realize I totally shut the door on his fingers!  Oh my goodness.  As if the poor kid hadn't been through enough today!  He let out one of those screams that made me want to cry!  I was finally able to calm him down enough to assess the damage:  a minor scrape that produced quite a bit of blood, but a swollen finger that was definitely bruised and definitely hurt like hell, I am sure.  Z-man ended up falling asleep in my arms-such a tender moment, but such a "duh, why didn't I pay better attention" moment for me.  Sometimes I wonder why Heavenly Father entrusted me with these little spirits when I am such a spaz myself.

I am happy to say that Z-man woke up concerned about the band aid on his finger, but no lasting harm done.  AND, his poop his back to normal.  :) 

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Heidi said...

as bad as a feel for zac that is a really funny story! how the heck did he get that down?????