Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Baseball has ended...

Both Sporty and Trevor are finished with baseball....for now.  Trevor always has a team for fall ball, so that will start up when school starts again.

This year, Sporty played for a really fun, really fantastic team.  As his parents, we enjoyed watching the games, being with the other parents, and appreciated what the coaches did for him and for their team.  Sporty learned a lot, and still has a lot to learn and these coaches can help him out. 

Trevor and I counted around 50ish games that were played starting in March and ending last week.  That is A LOT of games.  The tournament that was just played is called the Tournament of Champions.  To get there one's team needs to win a tournament (a qualifying one) or win the league which would guarantee your team a playoff to the tournament.  Well, Sporty's team won a tournament (not a qualifying one-STUPID in my humble opinion) AND they won the league and then the playoff game.

So our little hometown team went down South to play other teams (many of which are all-star teams from all over their particular county/city).  Boy, all the teams were pretty tough.  We ended up winning 2 and losing 2, so we didn't make it to the championship round.  I was okay with that-I will admit that I was a bit burned out of baseball.  I think some of the boys were burned out too-after all, they are only 9.

These boys played tough, they endured a lot and they learned a lot.  We are so proud of the strides they all made individually and as a team.  They had a VERY winning season and I actually am looking forward to next year.
Great job boys!  Thanks Coach Mac, Coach Billy, and Coach Justin :)

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