Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bear Lake Part Un (that's French)

Trevor's parents have made a tradition of going to Bear Lake pretty much every year since we have been married.  Last year we went to Glacier National Park and I think Roger had the shakes from Bear Lake withdrawal....This year we went back to our tradition and headed up North.  We have a grand ol' time while we are there.  My kids love the beach, the water, the cabin...I mean, seriously, what's NOT to love about Bear Lake.  Well, this year, the water is MUCH higher, so I didn't love the weeds you had to trudge through to get to the boat or wave runners, and I didn't love the murky water along the beach, and I especially didn't love that we had to leave early due to another baseball tournament, BUT we enjoyed every moment we were there.

**WARNING-picture overload**
Trevor and Zman on our wave-runner.  We decided this year to not rent-so we bought 2.  Best purchase EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Cousin C with Lolo-usually the water is blue and clear, not murky brown. 
Gpa Roger in Ben's boat. 
Ben loves, Loves, LOVES to be photographed.... 
Aunt Bradi.  Lolo loves to just sit in the boat and go for rides. 
Sporty, Trevor and cousin W on the "ride of their life" 

Bradi and I finally talked Lolo into riding the tube.  She was so scared!  But then realized how much fun it is.

However, after the ride was over we somehow managed to tip forward, Bradi fell off and I grabbed Lolo and yanked her back up onto the tube.  We were laughing so hard that Bradi couldn't get back on! 
Of course, Diva is posing.   

Gma Net enjoying the shade. 
Gpa Roger enjoying his book. 
Z-man would not leave cousin A alone. 

Cousin H seemed to be enjoying his trip. 
The 3 Amiga's-cousin E with my girls

The lone Tweenager.  Can you believe he will be 13 and starting 7th grade?  I still can remember holding him as a 3 month old!!!! 

The 2 silly boys~cousin W and Sporty with their cool hats! 

Z-man loved going out on the wave-runners! 
Gpa even took it out for a few runs. 
Diva liked the FAST wave runner-but we could only go 30mph 

Zman couldn't get enough of riding with his momma!

We had a great time!  Thanks grandma and grandpa.  Thanks for letting Diva stay with you as the rest of us headed down South for the Tournament of Champions.  Sporty's team had a FANTASTIC year and this tournament was a great way to end the season!

UP NEXT:  a recap of the tournament, Flaming Gorge, and Bear Lake Part deux (with my extended family)

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julie said...

That's some WHITE skin there mr. T! :). Looks like you guys had a blast!