Sunday, July 31, 2011

LIttle more water fun

We decided last minute to follow my family up to Flaming Gorge for some more water skiing, playing on the wave runners, and soaking up the sun.
Cousin K and Lolo enjoying the murky water.

Tad, Trev and Bonnie-she water skiied behind our wave runner.

Cousin B, C and Sporty enjoying some tube time.

Cousin E with Gma Sandi.  This kid NEVER smiles normal for pictures, so this is a great picture of him!

Our newest addition to the family-Ty's wife, Tanya.  She got a pretty good feel for what our crazy family is like and she still came to the next family function!  What a good sport!

Cousin A-Tanya's daughter and my new DARLING niece.


That's Bonnie skiing.

Z-man found it easy to fall asleep.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  However, he was the BEST little boy on all our water trips!

More Bonnie

My turn!

Action shot!  
Wahoo-I am up and going.  I really do love to water ski. 
I had to get this picture of Z-man with his bum in the air.  I used to  nap like this when I was his age.  My mom would find me outside on the sidewalk with my derriere up in the air.  So cute! 
Enjoying the wave runners.  My dad, Gpa Ted, is like a kid and gets all excited to ride these machines.  I don't blame him-they are so much fun!

Z-man loved being in Tad's boat. 
Loving the hair!  We are on our way to the "swing" to have some fun.

We were having some boat issues when Gpa Ted decided to take the swinging plunge.  I promise, it looked and sounded worse than what it was.  We did laugh for a long time, and Gpa Ted was a good sporty about it.

I have been on this swing before, even when it was 10 feet or more higher due to the water level, but for some reason I was totally freaking out~ Even the people behind me were chanting me on and encouraging me to jump.  I totally biffed it by hitting the water, but OH WELL.

Apparently I can't post anymore videos, or at least it won't let me, so to be continued.....

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Domestic Goddess and her Hero said...

You guys are crazy funny! Looks like you've been having a blast this summer. We need to get together soon!