Thursday, January 13, 2011

Conversations with little girls...

Me:  Girls, go clean your room.
Lolo:  YES Miss Hannigan!
Diva:  Lolo, mom is not Miss Hannigan.  Miss Hannigan is MUCH MORE MEAN!


Domestic Goddess and her Hero said...

I totally love this. You are such a meanie to your little orphan's. ha ha! Seriously, when have they ever watched Annie? I am right, right? It is Annie or I will totally be embarrassed about this. Have a wonderful day!

Ty Lyman said...

haha, that's awesome. I'm surprised I haven't heard that one. I feel like Miss Hannigan more than I don't have the time. I guess I just need some alcohol and some trashy neclaces and dirty underwear to lay around in LOL....thanks for sharing the fun times at your house. It's nice to know that these happen to you too :).