Sunday, January 9, 2011

I have missed A LOT!

So Dec 3, 2010, was my birthday-the BIG 3-3.  I celebrated it like anyone else would...I went to my PTA meeting in the morning, cleaned the house, put kids down for naps, and order pizza for Trevor to pick up on his way home.  I honestly didn't want to do much-just a quiet night in with my family.  BUT!!!  Two of my favorite gal pals came by and took me to get a birthday cupcake and a little was awesome!  We laughed and laughed  AND laughed the entire time.  The little salesgirl at the "Secret" shop we were at was getting VERY annoyed with us and our laughing-sorry, but when you get sugar in me I.LET.LOOSE!  Good thing I am not a drinker...Thanks Carla and Kim-it was awesome!
Trevor sent me these....

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julie said...

Sorry I missed it! I'm glad you had a great day! Miss you!