Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Guess who is 4?

My baby girl, Lolo, turned 4 yesterday.  She is fortunate to share a birthday with her Great Grandfather, Wade, who passed away 9 months before her arrival.  Because of this, we actually gave her the middle name after his wife, Faye, because Vance or Wade just wouldn't sound right.  We are truly blessed to have this little FIRECRACKER in our life.   I have to warn you, though, picture overload about to happen...
EEEEK! Ignore the lady in the picture~
 Lolo was my biggest baby~weighing in at 9lbs even.
Great Gma Faye is in on my right. 
 6 months and all ready living it up at Bear Lake.
 My little butterfly!
 With Gpa Roger~
 1st birthday
 My princesses
 2nd birthday
  3rd birthday

  4th birthday~

 Heidi and Geoff
 Uncle Tad and Gpas Ted and Roger
 Gma Net and lil A
 Aunts Lyndi and Bonnie

 Lolo took this picture of me
We had a fun party.  It's tradition to have all the family over since we all live so close.  I wasn't able to get a picture of Aunt Bradi and Uncle Ben, but their family was there.  Unfortunately, Nick and Brooke couldn't come, and Lolo was missing her FAVORITE Uncle Ty (uhemph, where were you buddy???).
 Happy Birthday to my BEAUTIFUL baby girl!


Domestic Goddess and her Hero said...

Yay!!! Tell her Happy Birthday from us! Miss you guys, seems like it's been a long time. Funny eh? Hope Lolo has a great day today!

Jess said...

I didn't know she had the same birthday as Grandpa! I somehow missed that little tid bit. I miss him. It's awesome to think he has a great-grandchild born on his birthday. Hope you guys are well!! :)